Meditations on Middle-Earth | Book Review

It is a near impossible task to pick up any fantasy novel, even if at random, or read about any author in the genre either in print or on the web, and not see some reference to the name JRR Tolkien. Regardless if proceeded by the words “in the mold of”, “like” “reminiscent of”, or anything of the like the name JRR Tolkien permeates consistently throughout the world of fantasy.

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The Rage by Richard Lee Byers | Book Review

The-Rage-Richard-Lee-ByersPicked up this book based on the cover and that I really do like most of the Forgotten Realms books. My biggest gripe usually is that I don’t want to read a book about something that happened in the Forgotten Realms past, like if I already know the outcome from another book in another series, the journey itself doesn’t really do much for me. Hence the reason I picked up this book and series, it’s something new in the Forgotten Realms universe.

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R.A. Salvatore Interview | It’s a Tough Business

This week I have a NY Times Best Selling author, and creator of one of the most popular and read characters in Fantasy, everyone’s favorite Dark Elf, Drizzt Do’Urden. I am of course speaking of Bob Salvatore.  R.A. Salvatore’s publishing career started with the Crystal Shard, and since than he has written 16 full-length novels chronicling the adventures of Drizzt and his companions. His latest story-arc, recently completed and entitled The Hunter’s Blade Trilogy, begins a short hiatus from his core characters as Salvatore currently is at work penning the highly anticipated Promise of the Witch King, which features mega fan favorites Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle (my personal favorite character by  RAS).

Aside from his well documented work in Forgotten Realms, Salvatore has a creator owned line in the Corona setting that he kicked off with his Demonwars series. Salvatore followed up with another Corona novel, The Highwayman, and the next installment in  Salvatore’s setting is forthcoming, penned by James Lowder and entitled Brotherhood of the Lost.  Salvatore has recently expanded into other creative outlets with his contributions to the story of the PS2 and X-Box game Demon Stone, which was nominated for multiple industry awards. Also recently released is the final installment in a series Mr. Salvatore aided in the plotting of and contributed the prologues to, Resurrection, Book 6 of the War of the Spider Queen series, written by Paul S. Kemp. Needless to say, Salvatore has been and is a busy man, and I, and everyone here is ecstatic that he took some time for our seven question feature.

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