Meditations on Middle-Earth | Book Review

It is a near impossible task to pick up any fantasy novel, even if at random, or read about any author in the genre either in print or on the web, and not see some reference to the name JRR Tolkien. Regardless if proceeded by the words “in the mold of”, “like” “reminiscent of”, or […]

The Rage by Richard Lee Byers | Book Review

Picked up this book based on the cover and that I really do like most of the Forgotten Realms books. My biggest gripe usually is that I don’t want to read a book about something that happened in the Forgotten Realms past, like if I already know the outcome from another book in another series, […]

R.A. Salvatore Interview | It’s a Tough Business

This week I have a NY Times Best Selling author, and creator of one of the most popular and read characters in Fantasy, everyone’s favorite Dark Elf, Drizzt Do’Urden. I am of course speaking of Bob Salvatore.  R.A. Salvatore’s publishing career started with the Crystal Shard, and since than he has written 16 full-length novels chronicling […]