The Impossible Bird by Patrick O’Leary | Book Review

If Door Number Three is to be considered science fiction and The Gift is to be considered science fiction/fantasy then Patrick O’Leary’s third novel, The Impossible Bird, should be considered a science fiction thriller. Mike and Danny are brothers who were close when they were younger but grew apart as they got older, especially after […]

Od Magic by Patricia McKillip | Book Review

The genre that today is labeled “fantasy” on the shelves of your local bookseller and library (or the links of your favored e-tailer) is made up of many different literary traditions. There are the mythological and the swashbuckling, the gothic and the fable, the folk tale and the fairy tale. It is to this last […]

Mark Powers Interview | G.I. Joe America’s Elite

Make no mistake, I’m a product of a childhood when Joe was more than a toy, a comic, or a cartoon – it was Americana, it is in that sentence when reflecting on good times and I would not accept or expected to accept a product that didn’t live up to the gloss of nostalgia. […]

A Drink Before the War by Dennis Lehane | Book Review

Not only is this the start of what can be considered in many ways the high water mark of mystery series writing, but series writers of all genres should take note of what Lehane has accomplished. From humble beginnings great things can come. A Drink Before the War is a solidly told, by the numbers […]

Kiss Her Goodbye by Allan Guthrie | Book Review

Joe Hope is an enforcer for Edinburgh loan shark and long time friend Cooper. After paying a visit to a non paying client Joe finds out that his daughter, Gemma, has committed suicide. Joe loves his daughter very much and was upset when she left home to go live with his wife Ruth’s cousin, Adam. […]

The Gift | a Patrick O’Leary Interview

Behind Door Number Three is The Gift of The Impossible Bird… When I decided to re-read Patrick O’Leary’s novels to see if they were as good as I remembered them to be I also set out to track him down. I wanted to see if he was still writing and if he had anything coming […]

Drive by James Sallis |Book Review

Drive is the story of a Hollywood stunt driver appropriately named Driver. He isn’t just a stunt driver though, he is the best. On the side he also is a top freelance getaway driver. He takes a job which goes very wrong, very quickly. He finds himself in a hotel room surrounded by dead bodies. […]

Lights Out by Jason Starr | Book Review

Jason Starr is quickly establishing himself as one of the best writers around. Lights Out is a strong book that may be his most accessible one to date. At some point in time the word noir, when used to describe a certain type of fiction, became synonymous or even interchangeable with the words crime and […]

Bust by Ken Bruen and Jason Starr | Book Review

Bust is destined to become a modern classic of crime fiction. It is the first collaborative novel in the Hard Case stable and a better paring couldn’t have been had then Ken Bruen and Jason Starr. With every outing Hard Case continues to live up to their stated goal to “bring you the best in […]

Chance Fortune & The Outlaws by Shane Berryhill | Book Review

I couldn’t help but smile when reading this and could easily imagine Berryhill doing the same while writing it. Chance Fortune takes place in a world that has a prevalent super-hero population. The goal for those with powers is to be accepted into the Burlington Academy for the Superhuman. Josh Blevins has one goal in […]

The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie | Book Review

Hugh Laurie is a naturally funny, creative and entertaining person. He’s the type of guy who goes on interview shows and doesn’t need pre-approved stories from the producers. He has done a wide range of projects over the years. In 1998 his first, and so far only, novel was published, The Gun Seller. It is […]

A Simple Plan by Scott Smith | Book Review

A Simple Plan was the basis for the movie of the same name. It uses a simple premise to set up a psychologically taut thriller that explores the boundaries of love, family, marriage and friendship. Two brothers, who are no longer close since the death of the parents, and a friend, find a downed airplane […]

To the Power of Three by Laura Lippman | Book Review

Laura Lippman, author of the popular Tess Monaghan series, takes a break to explore a stand alone novel. In To the Power of Three she takes an old mystery novel concept, the locked room mystery and updates it, using it to explore upper middle class suburbia in northern Baltimore County. To the Power of Three […]