Dragon Strike by E.E. Knight | Book Review

Book four of The Age of Fire had a lot to accomplish and a lot of story lines to bring together with the three sibling dragons.  Originally this was going to be a four book series, but after some publisher discussion there are now two more books to go, bringing the total to six.  E.E. Knight did a good […]

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan | Book Review

The Eye of the World is the first book in Jordan’s hugely successful Wheel of Time series. I don’t know of any other book that has gets so many “this book got me into fantasy” comments as this one. This isn’t true for me. I had already read Tolkien, Feist and Hobb by the time […]

A Dangerous Climate by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro | Book Review

A Dangerous Climate is the current incarnation of Yarbro’s vampiric saga, which again describes another passage in the history of her protagonist, Count Saint Germain, her oddly heroic vampire. The novel is set in the burgeoning city of Saint Petersburg, in the very early days of the eighteen century. Count Piotyr Alexeievich Romanov, commonly known […]

A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans | Book Review

Starting with The Exorcist, there have been many books, movies, and television shows about demonic possession. The image of an innocent child transformed into a telekinetic head-spinning, puking, profane, sexual murderous creature is a haunting one. But The Exorcist and its pale imitators always told the story of those affected by the demonic habitation. A […]

Some Kind of Ride | Favorite Books of 2008

This will be brief. As I’ve said before our strength lies in our diversity. If you want a unified chorus of voices singing hosannas to the pre-approved “best” books of the year then stop reading now — but if you want a ragged company of readers; readers with their own identity that shows in the […]

Every Last Drop by Charlie Huston | Book Review

As much as I really enjoyed Every Last Drop, and there is a lot to like, I can’t help but being just a little disappointed. The biggest reason resides more on a personal reading level. Maybe unfairly, maybe not I readily admit that I brought certain expectations to the table before I even started reading […]

Bookslut Jessa Crispin on Self-Publishing

Jessa Crispin Hates Self-Published Books, Except Self-Published Comics, Which Are Even Cooler Than Legit Books.  Self-publishing. The term has always had a ring of desperation. With the number of books published annually now reaching the hundreds of thousands, and after seeing the quality of a great percentage of those multitudes, it becomes easy to dismiss […]

Lost Image Fantastika and Future SF to Charish

Many people that read comics view the early and mid 90s as a bit of a Dark Age for the medium. I personally think that the notion is at the every least slightly overstated and more related to an era of readers who grew up at the same time and represented the last generation of […]

Eric Shanower Interview | OZ, Skottie, and Troy

Images of Mr. Young’s work for the project have been on the net for some time now and I just fell in love with what he was doing and this project quickly got vaulted into my must read category. Young has been doing excellent work for awhile now, but he seems primed with this project […]

Chuck Dixon Interview | G.I. Joe Storming Paradise

I’ve always been a huge fan of the G.I. Joe and I still have very fond memories of Larry Hama’s work on the MARVEL run. I will generally at least give every incarnation of the line in print a chance and was both incredibly relieved and excited about the recently published zero issue by IDW […]

Kushiel’s Mercy by Jacqueline Carey | Book Review

Kushiel’s Mercy is the final book of Carey’s Imriel trilogy, in what is know as the Kushiel’s Legacy series. The first book in this series, Kushiel’s Dart (have a look at Trinuviel’s excellent review here), was one of the most impressive débuts I have read. I must admit I have been less enamored with the […]

Dust by Elizabeth Bear | Book Review

This well-known, and perhaps even iconic, statement of Clarke’s is, in many respects, particularly pertinent to Elizabeth Bear’s new novel Dust, the first canto in a tri-partite space opera titled “Jacob’s Ladder” (the sequels Chill and Grail are slated for publication in 2009 and 2010 respectively). In Dust, Bear plays with the conventions of both […]

The Pirate King by R.A. Salvatore | Book Review

Drizzt is one of the most well known characters in fantasy today and it seems most everyone knows what side of the fence they fall on when it comes to the hero and his cast of friends.  I am a Drizzt fan, a Forgotten Realms fan, a monty haul gaming fan, so the appeal is […]