On Dragons | an E.E. Knight Interview

E.E. Knight joins us for The Boomtron Beat.  While he is probably more famous for his Vampire Earth series, he also has The Age of Fire series, which is all about dragons.  They have been some of my favorite books in recent years, and so I decided to ask E.E. Knight to talk to us […]

Optimistic Science Fiction | a Jetse de Vries Interview

Time for another of our 10-question interview feature! Recently Solaris Books has announced  a forthcoming anthology to be edited by former Interzone co-editor Jetse de Vries. The anthology, Shine, is set to present  Science Fiction with more of a positive outlook. From the press release: “Shine is a science fiction collection of near-future and optimistic […]

Book Review – A Betrayal in Winter

A while ago I read Daniel Abraham’s début novel A Shadow in Summer and I was very impressed. Of course I immediately got the second book in the Long Price quartet, A Betrayal in Winter, after which it was swallowed by the ever intimidating to read stack that resides on the desk next to the […]

Night Angel | a Brent Weeks Interview

Our guest this week is Brent Weeks, author of The Night Angel Trilogy, recently published by Orbit Books.  Unless something changes in the next few weeks before the end of the year, The Way of Shadows will be my favorite book of the year. Not since Wes Unseld (NBA Players for the Bullets), in 1969, have I […]

Tobias Buckell Interview | Spreading the Xenowealth

Crystal Rain really caught me at just the right time. When you are not only on these publicity lists but also a comic book guy you are exposed to covers on a daily basis but when I pulled the Crystal Rain galley out of the mail some 2 years ago the cover just spoke to […]

Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier | Book Review

Son of the Shadows is the second book in Juliet Marillier’s widely acclaimed Sevenwaters trilogy through it can, like its predecessor Daughter of the Forest, be read independently. Where Daughter of the Forest was a story that played out on a rather intimate scale, Marillier broadens the scope significantly with its sequel by letting the […]

Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier | Book Review

Daughter of the Forest is the debut of the New Zealand author Juliet Marillier and the first book in the widely acclaimed Sevenwaters Trilogy. It offers a deep-felt re-telling of “Six Swans”, an old folk tale that exists in many variations throughout Germany and Scandinavia. With this novel, which was awarded the 2001 American Library […]

Escapement by Jay Lake | Book Review

Escapement is the sequel to Jay Lake’s critically acclaimed novel Mainspring, wherein he maps out an alternate Earth anno 1900. Lake has quite cleverly constructed a world that for the most part resembles ours yet differs in one very important aspect – Lake envisions the universe as an enormous clockwork whose brass mechanisms are, mostly, […]

Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan | Book Review

The eleventh book in Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, a series much criticized for unnecessarily dragging the story out. Especially after the last book Crossroads of Twilight, where all progress in the plot seems to grind to a halt. Jordan had already made it clear he intended to finish the series in two more books. […]

Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar | Book Review

I’ll say this upfront, this will be a short review that can be summed up thusly: Go read the book!! My initial thought when I first saw Lonely Werewolf Girl was shock. Shock at how big the book was. It was a much bigger book then I thought so I was caught a little off […]