Iorich by Steven Brust – Book Review

Iorich will be released in a few days (January 5), and it is with utmost certainty that I suggest you go buy it if you are a fan of Steven Brust and his Vlad Taltos novels.  If you are unfamiliar with the Vlad series, I would say that you need to go research that inadequacy […]

The Best Mystery/Crime Fiction of 2009

Keith Rawson’s Top Ten 2009 was without question one of the best years for crime fiction in many years, and trust me when I tell you that my top ten has changed so many times in the last six months that I wish I could’ve put together a top 20, or even a top 30, […]

Day of the Triffids – BBC Mini-series | review

Bill Masen, a scientist who has spent his life working with the genetically engineered, carnivorous plants known as Triffids, finds himself one of the few sighted people left in the world after an intense solar event blinds much of the population. But if you think that sounds like a bad day, then imagine his horror […]

Dante’s Inferno (PS3) Preview – First Impressions

It is said that one should not discuss religion at a place of employment. Fire and brimstone itself rain down upon you if this sacred workplace rule is broken. But at Visceral Games – the heralded developers behind the Dead Space franchise (one of, if not my most, favorite franchises of all time) – this rule […]

Fire Raiser by Melanie Rawn | Book Review

Holly McClure is a witch, something that won’t be a surprise to readers of the first volume of this series.  She isn’t a particularly powerful witch, in the big scheme of things, which is a very novel approach in fantasy fiction.  In many contemporary fantasies, a witch who doesn’t seem able to cast any spells […]

Avatar | movie review

Avatar is a great film.  Here is a movie that will actually surprise you and offer things you have never seen before.  James Cameron has delivered a special effects powerhouse that is actually an extended acid trip in the jungle.  The human tech is underwhelming, so is the heavy-handed theme, but consider these as elements […]

Best Albums of the Decade, 101-90

This was a big funky decade for music; walls crumbled all over the place, meaning that we could listen to anything in the whole world we wanted at just about any time, if we were smart or sneaky enough. It also meant that everyone could share their CDs — or their opinions — just by […]

The Princess and the Frog | movie review

Brad Pitt called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button “a love letter to New Orleans.”  Well.  If Button was a love letter, then Disney’s The Princess and the Frog was a Homeric poem in the grand lady’s honor, because it caught the culture and flavor of New Orleans and southern Louisiana far better than the […]