Year: 2010

DMZ #18 |Top Single Issues

dmz brian wood

If you haven’t read this title yet then I envy you. You have a future where your exploration of the comic form still has just that bit more room to expand. Brian Wood, and most often Riccardo Burchielli, has created in DMZ a deconstruction of the most honest human form and desire. Our desire to hunt and fight. This comic isn’t about survival, it is about the denigration of the species.


Songs of the Dying Earth edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois | Review

The authors of the stories in this anthology all provide an afterward in which they talk about their first encounter with a piece of Jack Vance’s writing and how that piece of writing influenced their careers and inspired them.  It seems only fitting that I add my own first encounter with Jack Vance.  I know that the first time I ever read anything by Vance, it was an anthologized story that  was in a cheap paperback I’d picked up at a yard sale.  I wasn’t very impressed.  In fact, my 11-year-old self utterly detested the story.  It was weird and complicated, and I just didn’t understand it at all.  I don’t even remember which story it was, or, really what it was about, and I’d made it a point to just erase it from my mind, including the name of the author.  Four or five years later, I’d discover a copy of Lyonesse in the only used bookstore within thirty miles of my hometown. I was immediately enchanted.  The book was complex and the language was beautiful.  I hadn’t needed to learn so many new words since I was a little kid.  It was fascinating.  Then, I discovered that it was the first book of a trilogy. I became almost single-minded that summer, completely determined to get the other two books so I could find out what happened next.  I had grown into appreciating Jack Vance’s writing, and I haven’t lost that appreciation in the years since.


Guide to Shopping for Your Geek, Last-Minute Holiday Edition |Geek Girl Navigating the World:

Note: This article is targeted for those who, while they may be on the Geek Spectrum, may consider themselves uninitiated in other areas of Geekdom.  It can also be used to help the completely uninitiated if you feel like they really need it.

If you’re lucky enough to have a geek in your life to buy Christmas presents, congratulations. Of course, this might make it a little stressful for you if you’re not sure what to buy, especially if you’ve been straining your brain for something to get them and still haven’t managed to come up with anything to buy yet. Never fear! Geek Girl is here to help. I’ll offer some last-minute suggestions that should work and give you some ideas that might give you a head start on next year.


Daredevil #191 |Top Single Issues

Frank Miller, the first time he wrote Daredevil, crafted an epic, of that there is no doubt. It was the early 80s and Daredevil was extremely close to being cancelled. There seemed to be little care about the title so Marvel gave it over to the young Frank Miller to write and draw. Miller decided he didn’t want the Scarlet Swashbuckler to be a second rate Spidey anymore. He wanted this comic to be something more for adults, he wanted to generate emotion and clenched jaws and throughout his tenure he did just that.


The Kipple Foodstuff Factory | Notes from New Sodom

The Leopardskin Print of Thrift Shop Drag

So here I am, after a dozen or so columns, sitting in the SF Café, drinking my black coffee and saying, f’r sure, no Science Fiction novel has ever won the Booker. Yeah? And? So? What? Has any Crime novel ever won the Booker? Has any Romance? Has any Western? Let’s simplify it: Has any work of extruded formulaic pabulum in any Genre you care to name ever won the Booker? Has any work in any Genre born of the fricking pulps, in any commercial marketing category specifically designed to target a niche with a promise of extruded formulaic pabulum ever won the Booker?


Geek Girl’s Guide to Holiday DVDs |Geek Girl Navigating the World

The holidays are upon us once again, and it’s time to celebrate them in the geekiest way possible. Nothing says “Christmas Geek” like a themed movie get-together, so, I’m going to provide some recommendations for some of my favorite holiday flicks. I’m going to leave “movie” to be a little bit loosely interpreted here, because some of these selections are going to be television specials and holiday episodes of TV shows, but I can assure you that these are all available on DVD, because they’re in my personal DVD library.