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Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith – ‘Never Say Never’ Video

Justin Bieber hit up twitter to let his fans know that his latest video, “Never Say Never”, is now out. It also features Jaden Smith, and will be one of the theme songs on the Smith and Jackie Chan starring film, “The Karate Kid” (though I’d take the “The” out–there is only one the Karate Kid and his name is Ralph Macchio–not the Marvel comics guy either!). The film his theaters on June 11th.

Gettin’ Jiggy with it Jr. will be starring as a kid who moves to Beijing to live with his mother and has to handle some bullies. The moral of the story being that if you are 13 and getting pushed around, learn karate from a guy known for depicting Kung Fu. The truth is, however, that this is a film everyone (rightfully) wants to rip on principle, but the clips we’ve seen are actually not horrific.

Now I’m off to listen to Papa Smith’s “Summertime”, an all-time classic!

Jay Tomio

Jay Tomio

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Jay Tomio

108 thoughts on “Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith – ‘Never Say Never’ Video

  1. for all the ppl who sed wen jb`s voice breaks he wont be able to sing no more “HAHA SHAME!! jb`s voice is P.E.N.G nd always will be :D”

    1. I love jaden smith.also I would want to be jbs girl friend or Evan married.so please marry me or Evan just my boy friend.just remember you will all ways be rad.

  2. LOVE IT!!! Puberty is definitely agreeing with you. All the doubters were wrong you still sound AMAZING. JB if going to be around FOREVER! Keep rockin out the songs!!

        1. Sometimes I think that I don”t exist in jadens world I’m just a fool out of myself{jaden this is ur friend I say tricecia}*still like u *** lo*e always

  3. i love this song !! i lovee you justin your my inspiration <3 i will never let you go ;)
    love always
    -Getty xx <3

  4. Wohhhha, this is so beutifull ! :D
    amazing ; amazing ; amazing !
    Justin is so damn mutch cute ej.
    never let him go, eeeh. :p
    raaawr. Justin 4 eeeever!

  5. thank god for Justin Bieber and jaden smith both cute and super talented and too all the haters I feel sorry for you I LOVE you Justin and Jaden too:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Very good song, justin i never doubted you
    snd can’t wait for your concert<3
    i am your number one fan!
    i am always listening to this song
    there are like one millions veiws on youtube i am probley like 500 of those i love you
    forrver and ever.. dont listen to the haters <3

  7. i just love jaden smith hes my signature on my phone wallpaaer for my phone he all over my binder and i look at him everyday on youtube or google hes just amazing 1 day i hope 2 meet him (im 12)

  8. hi jaden smith I we are in Boston roslindale in 02131 and our names are juiletie and sandra we love you and call us at 6175468239 at google.com me and he r sisters we live at 0251 and come and kiss us on the lips

  9. OMG. Jaden Smith is absolutely amazing! He definitely takes after his dad. Jaden, if you get this please email me! You are super talented… And to be totally honest, super hot! I just turned twelve and my dream is to meet you!

  10. ohh dearr justin bieber’s BIGGEST fan heree (L) this song is the bestt :O:O:O and jaden smith WHITWHOOO (6) aw dear justin’s very hot too :D (L) ! well anyway just letting you know I LOVE ALL YOUR SONGS especially never say never & that should be me (L) justin your a BIG babe and VERY HOTTT (6) jaden i love you loads :O(L)(L)(L)(L)

  11. jaden ur sooooo cute!!!! i lov ur work…nd u.lol…keep doin wat ur doin nd dnt let ppl who r jealous of ur success stop u!!! lov ya sooo much!!! mwha!

  12. I love this song sooooooo much!! u r a great kid & u r very cute also!!
    I hope I meet u one day!! u r very talented & a really smart young guy!! I looooooove u jaden!!

  13. hey i love this song it is my fav song so far this year.nd jaden your part in the song is my fav part of the song u r sooooo hot u r like a lil taylor lautner u were workin out for your movie. i love ur dancing ,singing acting and well u. u r so funny -jada<3

  14. i admit i hated justin bieber and i still dont like him.
    but this song is amazinnggg!!
    your voice is much better deeper.
    keep the songs coming.

    i hate them songs:|

  15. Hi everyone!Im just checking in on all the websites that my fans have made and I can now see how many people appreciate me!

  16. i loveee thid song its soooo realistic and when ever i look at it i feel something dunno how to explain it but one thing i wanna say hope jb sees it JUSTIN I LOVE U SOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHH i sooo wanna go out with u

  17. I love this song,jadan and justin are so cute.JUSTIN is better *** I LOVE YOU JUSTIN …SOOOOOOO MUCHHHHH FOREVER ____LOVE YOU SWEETY!

  18. OMG i lov u JB. I am your # 1 fan. Your concert is a day before my birthday and i am so siked because i am gonna see u in person. I sooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna meet you face to face and i hope i do. I lov your singing and your songs and oyu are sooooooooooooooo cute.

  19. Who thinks that justin is gay, is wrong because he’s perfect man.
    LOVE U *****

  20. omg i luv this song!! Justin’s cute but Jaden’s mine!! soooooooooo hot!! id give anything to meet him!! <3 (im already meeting justin in december :P so i realy want to meet jaden!!) luv u guys!! keep on rockn'

  21. Jaden smith is so hott
    Like fire justin biber is the same I would date jaden he is more my age justin biber should date my cusin

  22. hey jaden u rock! u r my inspration in teakwondo or karate. i do teakwond to. teakwondo is like karate but its like karate. i wish someday i can meet u and mabe even train with u so someday i can be like u. love u!!

  23. O.K. love this song. it’s the only song I like by justin bieber! Jaden is SO talented! I do have to agree, Justin’s voice is getting deeper. b.t.w. You people need a life. The chances of jb or js dating you is like 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 so get over it!

  24. There’s no problem at all you all can stay with Justin beiber :D. He’s a nice person and talented but Jaden is who I’ll give my body and soul. I love him soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much gosh! and it comes from a gourgeos girl…

    Jaden I want to meet you I did meet justin he’s a nice person. I want marry you jaden please.

  25. all u gurlz r batches.. y wod jastin speek to uglee ppl liek yhuu??! u hve worms caz u diorty n smelleh. lav u jastin bables ur ma lieffff! x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0 <3345677889

      1. leave bieber and his vagina alone, its not his fault he’s got a heavy flow and a wide set vagina. luv u biebzzz 4 lyfffff hehehehe teheheheez ~~*~*~ ur mah lyfffff.

    1. sexiichack666… apparhently u need to be in special ed cuz i cant understand a word ur sayin but from the replies, ur hatin. just stfu and enjoy ur special classes and counseling:)

  26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!! I absolutely LOVE ur songs! dont ever listen to haters cuz theyre always gonna be there even tho ur the best in the world… theyre just jealous so let em hate :P

  27. oi all u people r jealos of meh becaz im pretteh and ur nawt!!!!!!!! justin baber has a fucking vajazzle and licks it

  28. I HATE JB!!!!!jaydens ok……HE SOUNDS LIKE A GIRLS CAUSE HE IS A GIRL!!!!!AND ALL YOU GIRLS WHO LOVE HER!!!!!you guys are lesbian :/

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