Canadian actor Warren Christie can currently be seen as Greggy Stiviletto on ABC’s Happy Town.  Recently, he was nice enough to spend a few minutes chatting with me about the show.

Jill Carroll: Can you tell me a little about your character?

Warren Christie: Well, where we’re at now, at the end of episode three, we just found out that the oldest of the Stiviletto brothers, those crazy, weird, Stiviletto brothers, has come into town…and he has a little tryst [with Hedley].  And through this we’ve found out that he’s stolen this hammer that she was so desperate to get after.  From there we start to see exactly where he’s coming from and what his motives are.

So he’s come to town to stir up trouble?

Yeah.  Quite a bit.  It will be an interesting next couple of [episodes].  It’s interesting because the town is wary of the Stiviletto brothers as it is, but for some reason the town is a little bit afraid of Greggy in general. 

So if ABC chooses not to renew the show is there anything that is going to be left unresolved?

No, I don’t think so.  The guys that wrote it did a great job, they said from the beginning we’re going to find out who this “Magic Man” is at the end of these eight episodes that are going to start airing again on Wednesday.  There won’t be one resolution, but what it was setting up was the viewing audience was going to find out who the “Magic Man” was, but the characters weren’t.  So it was going to set off this whole different path. If it doesn’t come back I think what we’re looking at now is a really incredible eight episode–let’s call it miniseries for lack of a better term–but it still has the feet to really go somewhere.

In your opinion what are some things the fans can do to help save the show?

The main thing, obviously, would be tuning in.  You know our numbers haven’t been fantastic, but we’ve had really great fan support.  It’s such a different time now.  First of all, there’s just no way to make your mark in television if you don’t do it quickly.  That’s such big business to these networks.  But you know people are DVR-ing it, and people are watching it online.  The support we’ve gotten has been fantastic, and people have been enjoying what they’ve been seeing which, at the end of the day, is what we care about.  I think at this point it’s mainly about tuning in Wednesday nights at 10 and trying to make a real leap with the numbers.  I think that would really be our last-ditch effort at trying to make our mark. 

I know there is a group forming on Twitter that seems hell-bent on saving the show.

Yeah, that’s such a nice thing to hear.  I’ve worked with a few of the people on the show a couple of times.  We’re all friends, and we had a great time doing the show together.  At the end of the day you want people to enjoy it, so when you see people come together with that passion and support it’s a nice thing to see.

Fans can follow Warren on Twitter at @WarrenChristie.  Tune in to ABC on Wednesdays at 10/9C to see the remaining episodes of  Happy Town.