Year: 2010

In Which We Learned the CDC Blew the Fuel Money on Booze – The Walking Dead “TS 19″

the walking dead

“The Walking Dead” went out with a bang, but also a bit of a whimper.    It wasn’t a surprise that the entire episode took place in the CDC.   Considering the ominous video diary, we all knew something dubious would happen.  It’s one guy who didn’t want to let in Rick & Company, and who was planning to put a shotgun in his mouth.  So what’s the best that can happen here?


Welcome to the Rileys | review

welcome to the rileys movie

Welcome to the Rileys is the only special screening I tried to get into at New Orleans Film Fest but could not, due to how quickly it sold out (that fact made me take no chances with 127 Hours and The Black Swan).  My primary interests in the film were that it was set mostly in New Orleans, and all of us here love to see how our city is shown on the big screen, and that director Jake Scott is the son of Ridley Scott.  As with David Lynch’s daughter Jennifer, I was curious to see what someone from that kind of family background would do with a debut film.  After hearing all the positive chatter about this movie at other showings around the festival, I made a point to see the movie before it left theaters around here (I think it is still lingering in a few theaters elsewhere, if you haven’t seen it and want to).


A Tapestry of Spells by Lynn Kurland | Book Review

I had this book on my shelf for the better part of a year before I picked it up to read.  I had really enjoyed the original trilogy in the Nine Kingdoms world Kurland started in a couple fantasy-romance novelas (for anthologies), but she uses a style of storytelling that lends itself to a certain mood.  It has always struck me as being an almost tongue-in-cheek parodic tone poking (loving) fun at the quasi-archaic language and bardic tale form of many epic fantasy, while gleefully diving into the worst cliches of it.  So, between needing the mood for something light even its darkest moments and assuming this was a completely new cast in a completely new time period from the trilogy, it took me a while before I had that evening where I looked at my shelf and thought, Yes, THAT one.  Honestly?  Waiting that long was a mistake.  (Er…sort of.  The flip side of not enjoying this book sooner than I did is that I only have to wait a month for the sequel, which comes out in early 2011.)


Shane Got a Gun – The Walking Dead ‘Wildfire’

I’ve been very, very critical of “The Walking Dead.”  The show had a fantastic pilot and a lot of promise that I feel it hasn’t lived up to.  You may disagree.  Several of you have, actually.   It seems as though no fall television show has created so much furious discussion on the Internet.

But you know what? I liked “Wildfire.”   I liked it a lot.  In fact, I liked it so much that it just made me angrier they’ve garbled so many episodes, and that the show is going to screech to a halt inside of the CDC. We’re going to be stuck there for a year. I’m going to be without Andrew Lincoln-as-Rick-Grimes for an entire year!  This is so unfair.


The Horns of Ruin by Tim Akers | Book Review

Horns-of-Ruin-Tim-AkersEva Forge is the last Paladin of the dead god Morgan.  She is a warrior, raised to the sword from her childhood, and she is watching the Cult to which she is dedicated dying by slow inches all around her.  She accompanies one of the leaders of her cult on a mysterious mission to enlist the help of another cult, only to have things go horribly wrong.  The leader is kidnapped, and no one seems to know what has happened, other than a large section of the City of Ash was destroyed in the process.  Eva has to muster all of her courage and strength and every bit of the arcane knowledge she possesses to unravel the mystery and save the leader of the Cult of Morgan, all while trying to protect a young woman named Cassandra, who seems to hold the key to the whole mess.

This book reads like an action fantasy movie.  Something is always happening, it seems, on every page.  There are a lot of fights, both verbal and physical; explosions; chases; and, of course a kind of clumsily brutal investigation–though the character of Eva Forge would be the first to admit that she is a warrior, not an investigator, and she is chiefly motivated by revenge.


How to Tell a Geek from a Hipster, and Why You Should Be Happy You’re a Geek! |Geek Girl Navigation the World

I have recently discovered that wearing blue shoelaces is, in fact, an act of bravery. I was surprised to find this out, especially since I just consider them shoelaces. I wear black canvas hi-top sneakers most of the time. They’re very comfortable shoes, and they don’t make any distracting noises on the floor surfaces where I work. The pair that I currently have had seemingly defective laces. I attempted to tie my shoes one morning, and the laces snapped. When I went to replace them, there weren’t any white ones in the right size. So I decided to get the bright electric blue ones. I had nothing against yellow, red, green, or orange; the blue ones were just the ones that I found most visually appealing. I’ve had a lot of comments on the shoelaces, including a lady at work telling me that she wished she were brave enough to put bright blue shoelaces in her shoes and wear them. This prompted another woman in the hallway to ask me if I was what her son called a “hipster.” I explained that, no, I was a geek, but it’s a little difficult to explain the difference to the uninitiated.


a Mark Charan Newton Interview | Nights of Villjamur

Mark Charan Newton is an urban fantasy author who’s currently two novels into his writing career and, judging by the sheer tonnage of critical acclaim which now includes a place in Library Journal’s top 5 best SF/F of 2010, is only just getting warmed up. For those of you already familiar with his work, Nights of Villjamur and City of Ruin, I suspect he needs no introduction…but I’m going to do it anyway.

Despite the intention of a professional life devoted to the environmental sciences Mark was soon dragged into the world of books with a fun job in a branch of Ottakar’s (RIP). From this he seemed to effortlessly tapdance  into working as an editor and publisher where he made a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with; it is a world from which he has yet to escape…