Ian Somerhalder – Just Wants Nina Dobrev Already on Vampire Diaries

Ladies, it probably isn’t a bad thing when someone says they just want to make out with you already. It only gets better when the news comes from one of your favorite actors, and he’s speaking about one of your favorite characters, one that he portrays, and how the tension should build to an on-screen kiss between himself and another of your favorites. What in the world am I talking about? The Vampire Diaries!

Fan favorite, Ian Somerhalder told MTV, “I just want to make out with her eventually,” speaking of his co-star Nina Dobrev. In fact, viewers know that his character, bad-boy, Damon, finally told Elena that he loved her. But then he had to turn around and compel her to forget, twisting us all into knots.

“The love Damon has for Katherine and Elena has gotten him into exorbitant amounts of trouble and I think he’s probably thinking … ‘I’ve kind of learned my lesson, I’m going to build a bit of a wall, ‘” Somerhalder said.

In the Season 2 premiere episode, Damon attempted to kill Elena’s brother Jeremy. So it may be quite a while before we see the pair share a kiss. He needs to get himself back on her good side, first, right?

Still, Somerhalder has done his best to develop Damon’s “softer side”. Ian said, “It’s tough because there has to be truth and there’s a lot of real pain buried in that humor. The maniacal killer in him is starting to wane by virtue of the fact all the stakes have been raised because he cares about people now.”

In other news, Klaus is coming!

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