Some people have all the luck, while others make their own. Christine Kilpatrick has been putting her Newsgirl News blog to use in a way that will make a lot of Twilight fans envious because she’s been able to snap pics of the Swan house as an empty lot is transformed into a setting for Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

Construction on the site started on January 17th and is expected to be completed sometime next week. How are they getting a house built so fast? Simple. The Swan house is just a shell with curtains and a lamp. All the interior shots are actually filmed on a stage.

It’s Hollywood magic at it’s finest as the house goes up, a driveway is built, and trees are planted around the house. Oh, one other thing that can be clearly seen in the pictures is the chain link fence with the very visible ‘No Trespassing’ sign. Apparently some Twi-hards get all ecstatic over the possibility of owning a piece of siding or a sliver of tree bark from the movie set.

Check out the pics from the first, second and third days of construction, as well as a little video about the project.

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