Now this sounds like a unique show. TV Line reports a new NBC pilot called the 17th Precinct is in the works. Forget the X-Files, the 17th Precinct is described as “an ensemble cop drama with a sci-fi spin.” It is “set in a fictional town where magic and supernatural elements rule over science.” How very interesting!

The Battlestar Galactica reboot co-creator, Ron Moore is helming the Precinct and is seeking a reunion with one of his galactic actors, Jamie Bamber. Bamber had “returned to his native London after BSG ended to headline Law & Order: UK,” but the word is he will return to America to star as the lead in the 17th Precinct.

Bamber’s character is Caolan, “an extremely focused crime scene detective.” Also attached to the project is actress Stockard Channing, best remembered as Rizzo from Grease and First Lady Abbey Bartlet of The West Wing.

Bamber’s BSG character was Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama. He also had a role in Band of Brothers.

It was io9 that reported Ron Moore believed the series the 17th Precinct would be “Harry Potter for adults.” You’ll get no complaints from me regarding a project of that kind! Dread Central also reported Moore’s next big screen project could be a prequel to John Carpenter’s classic thriller The Thing. From Universal, the prequel is slated to begin filming in March.