With David O. Russell’s The Fighter set to possibly take home seven Oscars, the director is currently sitting firmly in the spotlight, and Empire managed to get him on the phone for a few minutes to discuss the current and upcoming events on his schedule, including his plan to bring the PS3 game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, to the big screen.

While the videogame-to-movie transition isn’t always pretty, Russell feels like Uncharted is a natural fit for the big screen, saying, “The game is very cinematic; there’s no question about it. That’s what I’m working on real hard and I’m writing it as we speak and I’m really excited to make it. I’d love Mark [Wahlberg] to be in it, I’d love Bob De Niro to be in it; I love the idea of growing them into a cinematic family; I think that’s a really cool idea, but… I guess you’ll have to wait until you see the script.”

Of course, every action hero needs a love interest, and Russell has at least two in mind for the part. “I love Amy [Adams]. I also love Scarlett Johansson; there’s a lot of great actors I think might suit. Hopefully, we’ll see how it works out with everybody who are being scoped to do that role.”

Mark Wahlberg mentioned in November that he had a lock on the role of Nathan Drake, despite a strong Twitter campaign launched by Nathan Fillion (Castle), who was also interested in the part.

While Wahlberg has surprised me with some solid performances, I’d still love to see Fillion in the role. Maybe it’s just that his Firefly character reminds of Nathan Drake, but I think he’d be perfect for the part. As far as Scarlett and Amy go, I’d have to say Scarlett would make a much better Elena, and a much better looking one, too. No offense, Amy.