Rachel Nichols: Only Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Duke Back for G.I. Joe 2?

As bad as G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was, it’s starting to look like the sequel could be a lot worse. Rachel Nichols recently used her verified Twitter account to share some disheartening news:

“GI JOE 2 News Flash: The only characters to return in the JON CHU directed sequel will be SNAKE EYES, STORM SHADOW, and DUKE…”

She did add later that things could always change, but since she made a point to mention “smaller cast means smaller budget,” I’m thinking there’s a sharper eye on the numbers than there is on actually cranking out a good story. When I let you know back in January that Storm Shadow would be returning, I made a comment about Sienna Miller (The Baroness) and Rachel Nichols (Scarlett) decked out in black leather being a nice bonus to an otherwise lame film. Since those two perks are gone, we’re not really left with much.

John Chu is okay at what he does, but even the best couldn’t crank out something decent if they don’t have the proper ingredients, and I don’t consider Channing Tatum a proper ingredient.

Just in case you’re still interested, G.I. Joe 2 is expected to arrive in theaters on August 10, 2012.

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