Re-shoots? Why yes, even when filming on two epic films is over and done, re-shoots are often required. We are talking Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, parts one and two, which are due in theaters November 2011 and 2012, respectively. We reported right here that filming was a wrap, and yet, Twihards, the PopSugar site has got some photos you are going to want to see. Click their link now to spy a shirtless Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a “dangerously dangling” neon green bikini.

Hmm. Could it be green so that film editors can change the color later?

The site reports the scene took place on St. Thomas last Friday as the crew behind the films shot some extra footage for the infamous and highly anticipated Honeymoon sequence. It was reportedly a “dreary day” but Carlisle actor Peter Facinelli suggested “fans will never be able to tell when they see the ‘beautiful’ finished product.” That’s movie magic for you. Speaking of the dreamy doctor, we have a spotlight on him just for you.

Pop Sugar also announced that R-Patz explained to them the “honeymoon was his favorite segment of the books to film, because they allowed Bella and Edward to be a normal, happy couple in love.” I expect the finished scene will be a fan favorite as well. What’s your favorite scene in the films so far? Bella and Edward’s first Italian dinner together remains a highlight for me, but the tent scene in Eclipse between all three series headliners is simply the best in my humble opinion!