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Robert Pattinson on Twilight Breaking Dawn Pic Leaks

Robert Pattinson is really bothered. Stephenie Meyer is bothered, too. Twihards everywhere have been called to action. So, what’s all the fuss about? We have the scoop.

You see there was a Twi-leak. MTV was Pattinson’s venue of choice for voicing his anger over the issue when Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (parts one and two) images were leaked on the internet.

These aren’t beautiful, polished, graciously shared images from the filmmakers, like the sexy feather tease, the golden honeymoon cuddle pic, or the official peek at Isle Esme. No, these were illegally posted images, which Twilight Saga author and Breaking Dawn co-producer Stephenie Meyer said were out of context.

You can hear Pattinson’s call to arms, as it were, by hitting play on the video below. “It’s just ridiculous. I literally can’t believe that it happened,” he says of the leak.

The photos are said to depict the honeymoon sequences and Bella’s vampire transformation. Tempting to check out indeed, but Pattinson says, “I want the ‘Twilight’ troops to mobilize, all the good fans, and find out who these little sh–s are and just hack into their computers and destroy them…I’m being genuinely serious, ‘Twilight’ fans … Punish them.”

Hey, you heard the man.

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  1. silvie

    April 10, 2011 at 3:57 am

    I definately agree with Rob. How dare these irresponsible, selfish, mean people spoil things for everyone else. I can believe Rob when he says that they have been working hard, afterall they are working hard so that we can enjoy their work. They are creating for us as well as for themselves so why would anyone stoop so low. Obviously they don’t have much to do but create problems.

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