revealed another exclusive this week and this time it is regarding the future of the Bourne franchise.

We told you right here that the filmmakers behind the three Bourne movies that starred Matt Damon were ready to make another, possibly sans Damon. Or, I’d like to think he may act as a mentor to the new character.

True fans know the character of Jason Bourne originated in the novels of Robert Ludlum and inspired a television series and then the 1988 Richard Chamberlain film, which I do not recommend for anything more than a few laughs.

What I find somewhat unfair is that Jeremy Renner seems to be liked for the new character that could carry more Bourne themed films. I’m a Renner fan, but doesn’t he have enough on his shoulders already with Mission Impossible doing the same thing the Bourne franchise seems to be trying, and with The Avengers film due out in 2012?

That’s a lot of testosterone for the day, so let’s soften it up a little. Actress Rachel Weisz is also “in talks,” or should I say, “deep” talks to “star opposite Jeremy Renner in Universal Pictures’ latest in the Bourne franchise.” Wow! They say it could be a scheduling conflict for as she is also “in talks with Walt Disney Studios for Oz: The Great And Powerful, to be directed by Sam Raimi.” Nice. For Oz, her character would be “Evanora, the meaner older witch.”

When we hear more, you will, too!