X-Men First Class – Meet Havok, Beast and Banshee

Today will be an epic day for any Marvel Comics fan, especially those who adore the X-Men (like me). In an MTV exclusive, daring video profiles for three mutants from the upcoming movie, X-Men: First Class, were unleashed.

Are you ready to get to know Banshee, Havok, and the new Beast, up close and personal? I know I am! Will Chuck be able to help these kids control their super powers? Don’t miss the new film trailer, or the very comic book-ish new poster.

This version is of Banshee is a little young, no? Comic book readers will remember Professor Xavier (MacAvoy) and Moira (Rose Byrne) have had their romantic entanglements, but Moira has also been linked as Banshee’s girl. Ruh-roh.

Actor: Caleb Landry Jones
Character’s Proper Name: Sean Cassidy
Ability: Sonic Scream

Come June 3rd, will Alex Summers (brother of Scott in the comic-verse, you know) make fans say, “Cyclops, who??” Here’s a taste!

Actor: Lucas Till
Character’s Proper Name: Alex Summers
Ability: Plasma Blasts

Hey, Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence and yes, the new Katniss Everdeen), try not to be a bad influence on our buy genius, Hank McCoy, eh! I can see why there would be some major chemistry between the two mutants. How would you cope with turning into a big blue Beast?

Actor: Nicholas Hoult
Character’s Proper Name: Henry McCoy
Ability: Blue Fur, Agility, Strength

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