Embedded with Dan Abnett | Video Interview Part 2

At last, part two of my interview with Dan Abnett which, as was hinted at in part 1, takes the form of a Skype conversation between us. I really enjoyed our conversation and feel that the content of, and revelations during, our dialogue will hopefully compensate you for the occasional interruption by my squeaky chair…a chair that has since been consigned to Hades!

The conversation covers all the areas that I didn’t really have the space for in the original written interview and a lot more besides, including Dan’s new book Embedded, his work on the Horus Heresy series, as well as his latest comic book work, some fascinating insights into his creative process, and everything in between. It’s a fairly informal chat so, relax, grab a beer and make yourself comfy; it’s time for an hour and a half of Abnetty goodness.

As mentioned during part 1, Dan can be found online at www.danabnett.com and on his blog at theprimaryclone.blogspot.com.

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