Burn Notice has went and snagged a couple more cast members for its fifth season says Entertainment Weekly. First off Gavin Rossdale. Rossdale is best known as the lead singer for the band Bush and most impressively is the husband of Gwen Stefani. He has done some acting though, appearing in Constantine, Zoolander, Criminal Minds and others. His best role was in Constantine, wear he played a half-demon named Balthazar.

Rossdale plays Armand, a wealthy and powerful villain with a hand in nefarious projects all over the world. Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) goes to him for help — but he’ll only provide assistance if she helps him with a major heist job.

If you’ve seen Rossdale you know he’s as god at acting as he is at singing slash playing the guitar. I’m usually skeptical of musicians crossing over in to film, but he’s got some experience on top of being pretty talented. Playing a bad guy like this is something I’ve seen do very well in Constantine. I’m amazed he doesn’t do more acting. He’s not the greatest, but he is good for someone who didn’t start out doing it.

Joining Rossdale in the same episode is British actor David Dayan Fisher. Fans of NCIS will recognize him as Trent Kort who appeared in both NCIS and NCIS: Los Angelas. His role is that of a mercenary, most likely working for Rossdale’s Armand.

Rossdale and Fisher will show up in the eight episode of Season 5, which premieres June 23 so mark your calendars if you haven’t already. Also appearing through out the season are Matt Lauria and Lauren Stamile.