HBO – Parade’s End 5 part Miniseries Takes it back to World War I

There’s a brand new series just greenlit by HBO and BBC according to Deadline. Beginning production sometime in the fall in a five-part miniseries called Parade’s End. The series is set during World War I and will star Benedict Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall. The series is being adapted from a series of four books written by Ford Madox Ford.

Set against the backdrop of World War I, it tells the story of a complex and destructive love triangle among a conservative English aristocrat (Cumberbatch), his beautiful but cruel socialite wife (Hall), and a vibrant young suffragette.

The production is filled with talented people. The writer is Oscar winner Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare In Love) and is being directed by Emmy nominee Susanna White who is now stranger war having directed another HBO mini series called Generation Kill.

For me, this is exciting just because it’s a war story. I haven’t read the books the series will be based on, but if the finished product ends up being anything like Band of Brothers or The Pacific, then we have a real winner on our hands. And a miniseries makes sense, even if it were an original creation. War dramas work best in short form; telling their story and then ending. You can’t really stretch a war out over multiple seasons, at least I don’t think so. Someone would have to try to know for sure, but with the way things have worked in the past, a miniseries or 12 episode season has produced wondrous television.

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