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Matthew Fox and Ed Harris in World War Z

There’s some fresh meat joining the fight against the undead, according to Deadline, as Matthew Fox and Ed Harris report for duty in World War Z, the Marc Forster-directed film based on Max Brooks’ novel with the same name.

Fox and Harris will be joining Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, and James Badge Dale in the story that revolves around a U.N. researcher (Pitt) interviewing survivors ten years after a zombie plague wiped out most of mankind. Enos plays Pitt’s wife and Dale portrays Captain Speke, one of the first military people to encounter the re-animated dead. Fox, who might be recognized by Lost fans as Dr. Jack Shephard, will be taking on a role simply known as ‘Parajumper’ while Harris’ part is still unknown.

World War Z starts production this month with a possible release date in summer 2012 because Paramount will want something big showing on the big screen that offers a little competition to the other summer blockbusters. With many expecting J.J. Abrams to not be ready with Star Trek 2 by that time, WWZ could be the film that Paramount puts their summertime dreams on.

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