showtime weeds

Good ol’ competition; it makes the free market worthwhile, am I right? Well, even the drug trade sees rivalry, that’s for sure, and Nancy may be getting out of prison on Showtime’s season 7 of Weeds, but she won’t be immune to competitors in her chosen enterprise. And yes, that statement alone insures fans than Nancy is showing no signs of reform, even after three years behind bars.

So, who is the trouble maker? EW reports the young Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Michelle Trachtenberg has just won the role of Emma, “a low-level pot dealer who gets the attention of Silas (Hunter Parrish).”

showtime weeds

Michelle has also been seen in Take Me home Tonight and 17 Again. She starred in Ice Princess and filled the role of Georgina Sparks on CW’s Gossip Girl.

Weeds returned to the small screen just last night. Did you see it? If so, what did you think?

Season 7 has lot’s in store for us, including the return of Andy Milder and the arrival of comedian Martin Short. If you’ve not seen it yet, do enjoy a bit of recent poster art. You can also scoot on over to the official series website to check out the latest content and find a total series recap.