STARZ seems to just love Sam Raimi. He’s been executive producer alongside Rob Tapert for Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and now STARZ has greenlighted a new series from Raimi and Tapert, which will go straight to series. According to Deadline, the series is a remake of the 2001 Japanese anime series Noir. To change things up, the new version will not be animated, but live action and will likely run for eight to ten episodes.

The story of Noir revolves around two young female assassins. They embark together on a journey to seek answers about their mysterious past. At first they are only connected through their desire to know their past, but soon they discover clues that link them more closely together. They begin performing assassinations under the monker “Noir” and are hunted by a secret organization.

This project has been in development since last fall, only now reaching the point where it’s ready to move forward. Anime is a tricky thing to adapt for live action, so it’s understandable that it took so long to come to a decision about the series. Just look at Dragonball: Evolution. That movie was a disaster. I’m not saying it’s because it was based on an anime, but clearly it was mishandled. Anime usually has a lot of fantastical elements that don’t translate well unless it’s anime. It might be smart to alter those parts of the story if they’re present.

Noir joins other upcoming STARZ dramas Boss and Magic City.