The Walking Dead

AMC put out a video called “Inside The Walking Dead: First Day of Shooting Season 2″. I think you can guess the contents of the video from that title. We get see all of The Walking Dead main cast (Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Lauren Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, Steven Yeun, and Chandler Riggs) milling around, as well as a view of some of the recurring cast, specifically my personal favorite Norman Reedus. The cast and crew all look happy to be together again, despite the heat they complain about. There’s some goofing around and general sense of excitement to be back with a 13 episode second season.

Nothing spoilery is seen, at least nothing incredibly obvious. I noticed that IronE Singleton, the actor who plays T-Dog, was covered in blood. Possibly the aftermath of a zombie attack? I’m leaning towards yes, since a few of the actors are seen hiding under cars. But is T-Dog okay? Is it his blood or someone(thing) else’s?

It was just recently announced that Pruitt Taylor Vince would be joining the cast as the recurring character Otis, who is a neighbor to Hershel and his family. Clearly he’s too newly cast to show up in this video, but hopefully we’ll get to see him dressed up as Otis on set with the rest of the main cast (or whoever is left by the time they meet Otis) soon. I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been any casting info about Tyrese, a popular character from the comics. Most likely T-Dog would fill in as the series’ version of Tyrese.