Joan Allen, Bourne Legacy, Bourne Ultimatum

Two actors we know from the Bourne franchise my be returning with an all new sequel. Actor Matt Damon may be bidding farewell to the role of Jason Bourne after three films (but who knows, he may have a cameo, right?), but Joan Allen and Albert Finney are in negotiations to reprise their roles in Bourne Legacy.

In Bourne Ultimatum Joan Allen was CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy, a lady who was ultimately on Bourne’s side. Finney played a shadowy player.

During my viewing of Captain America: The First Avenger, I saw a great, action-packed trailer for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Tom Cruise still appears to be the star of the sequel, but as BoomTron reported, heavy-hitter Jeremy Renner will also star and could possibly take the reins for future sequels. Interestingly enough, Renner may also carry on his muscular shoulders the future of Bourne. According to Variety Tony Gilroy will directing using a script he wrote “about another assassin — not Jason Bourne — who trained in the same program, to be played by Jeremy Renner.”

Get this! Another hottie, actor Edward Norton, is being sought for the role of a villain and Rachel Weisz is in talks for a role as well.

Where are my manners!? See the Ghost Protocol trailer now! Guys with guns? What’s not to like!?