BrainRush New Girl

There’s a heap of castings news today, including David Andrews in Covert Affairs and Lamorne Morris in the upcoming Zooey Deschanel comedy New Girl. Andrews is set to have a recurring role on USA’s Covert Affairs, but there’s no word on exactly whom he will be playing or for how long.

Morris on the other hand will become a regular on New Girl. The show stars Deschanel as Jessica, an adorable woman in her 20’s who is getting over a bad break up with her boyfriend. She moves in with three single guys. In the pilot, Damon Wayans Jr. played one of the roommates, Coach, along with Max Greenfield and Jake M. Johnson. Morris will be taking over Damon Wayans Jr.’s role. They won’t be playing the same person though. Morris will be play a new character named Winston who went away while Wayans’ character was subletting his room. The change is because Wayans is contracted to appear in ABC’s Happy Endings, but at the time of filming the pilot for New Girl it was believed Happy Endings would be canceled. His character, Coach, will appear in the pilot when it airs this fall, but then will kindly disappear. Winston will “return” in the second episode.

Jumping back to Covert Affairs for just a second, David Andrews will be joining other guest stars like Thor’s Jamie Alexander and the always fantastic Peter Stormare. The two will appear in only one episode together, while Alexander has a more recurring role.