Kristen Stewart – A Kick Ass Looking Snow White?

kristen stewart snow white

How is this for excitement? Today BoomTron is proud to feature what looks like the first sneak peaks of promo art of the characters from upcoming fairy tale reboot, Snow White and the Huntsman. I must say the actors here are looking very Lord of the Rings, and in a good way! Speaking of LotR, we caught Stewart horseback riding not too long ago.

Kristen Stewart will play Snow White in the film from Universal Pictures. In these images she looks less like a helpless princess and more like a knight in training. We heard the plot would involve the Huntsman, who is sent to kill Snow White on the order of the Evil Queen, turning around and training the girl to fight instead. He must be doing a good job, eh?

Of course the role of the Huntsman belongs to Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth, and I already had a pretty big crush on the actor. His new dark locks are not lessening my condition! There is another hottie on board by the name of Sam Claflin. He was the missionary on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Do you smell Team Hunstman and Team Prince charming taglines coming around soon?

Finally Charlize Theron is looking as amazing as even in her wicked Queen garb. Evil has fashion sense, too, you know. Not pictured here are the Dwarves rumored to be helping snow White fight the Evil Queen. We have yet to see them in character, but we know Nick Frost may join their ranks.

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