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Misha Collins Talks Supernatural Season 7 and his Return

Misha Collins the CW Supernatural Castiel

The folks behind the CW’s Supernatural have turned cliffhangers into an art form, and the Season 6 finale was probably one of the best. Take Castiel’s turn to the dark side and combine that with the news that Misha Collins is no longer a series regular, and you get an audience that’s anxious to know what Season 7 will be tossing our way. Fortunately, AOL TV had a chance to talk with Collins to see if he could shed some light on the matter.

Collins confirmed that the network and showrunners were overwhelmed by irate fans showing their support, but his status as ‘recurring’ remains unchanged, although he doesn’t know exactly how recurring Castiel will be. “I am not going to be a series regular on ‘Supernatural’ next year,” Collins says. “I don’t really know what my role on the show is going to be. I know that I’m going to be in the first two episodes at this point, but I don’t know beyond that what the season holds for me.”

He admits that he hasn’t read the script for the second episode yet but remains hopeful that Castiel will have “some redemption.” Considering that Castiel was originally intended to die last season, it’s anybody’s guess on whether the hero-turned-villain will finally meet that delayed fate or if something new has been worked out for him.

Collins also revealed that there are no hard feelings over losing his status as a series regular, saying that the set of Supernatural is “the best work environment I’ve ever had.”

We might still be in the dark about exactly what will happen with Castiel, but we do know Season 7 will see the return of the younger versions of Sam and Dean, as well as a childhood friend that rediscovers Sam while he’s on a hunt.

If you missed the Season 6 finale of Supernatural, or it’s just been a while since you’ve seen it, check out the reviews of Part One and Part Two for a refresher course.

Update: More Supernatural Season 7 details, including the new villain!

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  1. barjy

    July 18, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    i was deeply sad about the end of the season 6 because for me, castiel didn’t deserve to turn like that after all he did to save the bro and also the world…right he made big mistake but for a good reason…i didn’t love the reaction of the bro…wanted to stop castiel but never helped him…unfair when we remembered all that castiel did for them with totally trust in the 2…i want redemption for this complexe character and i want him surviving to that…don’t want to see him dead even like an hero…a too easy solution…they put castiel on this waste, to them to save him and bring him back on the right side
    for the statut of misha, didn’t really care of that…he was regular this season and we saw him less than in the season 4 who he wasn’t regular…if he’s on the show in some great episodes that will be great…10 or 12..half of the season in a great path..that will be great..not the number of episode but the quality…i know that misha wants redemption and a human angel this and wb know that fans love this angel more that they thought
    must take our views into account…fan of spn are the more loyal to the show , spn lives so long because of them…they deserve to be listen…so misha on the show because he’s a great actor and gave life to this huge angel and castiel back on right side of the road…

  2. Pyro Psychotic

    July 19, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    I hope that Cas does get some redemption though it seems like most fans are in a sad consensu that he’s gonna have to die. I hope the bros could save him, because he did do so much for them and it’s not right for him have to turn evil because he had no other choice, except maybe poisoning Raphael(if that’s possible) or searching the nursing and retirment for God.

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