Wilfred "Acceptance" recap

“Happiness can exist only in acceptance.” – George Orwell

In my time, I’ve learned that there are certain jokes that just don’t fly with certain people. No matter how you tell these jokes, they will offend those who have reason to be offended. No amount of wit or subtlety will make these jokes funny. So I was surprised when not only did “Acceptance” make a rape joke, but it revolved a good portion of the plot around it. I’ve seen rape victims react with malice to anything even remotely resembling a rape joke, so why would Wilfred go there? Don’t get me wrong, the way Wilfred handles it is well done and hilarious, but it’s risky material at the best of times.

Ryan’s sister Kristen returns after last being seen in the pilot. She was a nagging, one-dimensional character and a big sore spot for that first episode. In “Acceptance” Ryan’s life lesson is to learn to accept his sister for who she is, while confronting her and asking for that same acceptance. In the process, Kristen becomes a slightly more rounded character. She’s still insufferable for most of her screen time, but she does show a different more caring side briefly. And, of course, Wilfred is ultimately the catalyst in this scenario, which is where the aforementioned rape joke comes in.

While driving his sister around, Ryan has to leave Wilfred at a daycare. After he’s picked up, Wilfred alleges that the owner, Daryl (Ed Helms), spread peanut butter over his balls and made Wilfred lick it up. We never get any firm confirmation that this actually took place, only Wilfred’s (questionable) word, but we do get some great jokes from it, the best of which is Wilfred claiming to be taking a dump while really he’s crying in the shower. I loved these bits, but I can understand why some might find these jokes of bad taste. Wilfred wants to be shockingly funny, so it will go where it needs to to get the laughs it wants. As far as I’m concerned, it did a fine job with a touchy subject.


“My anal glands need to be expressed.”

“Do you know how Jenna stopped me from chewing on her panties? She didn’t.”

“We have a band?”

“How can I be racist? I’m incapable of seeing color.”

“Yeah, Ryan, stuffed with pain. And humiliation. And Daryl’s cum. And bits of foam.”

“Is Bear even in this band?”