wilfried fear recap

“Fear has its use but cowardice has none” – Mahatma Ghandi

This week’s Wilfred is themed around fear, and we once again have Wilfred attempting to teach Ryan life lessons in his strange man-in-a-dog-costume way. The friendship and chemistry being built between Ryan and Wilfred is becoming the best part of the show, aside from seeing Wilfred perform non-dog acts (pole dancing, being strapped up like Hannibal Lecter on his way to the dog pound). I could just listen to the two of them talk for 22 minutes and be fine with it as long as we get priceless dialogue.

Wilfred’s advice is often a blend of human and dog logic. When telling Ryan he needs to stand up to his aggressive neighbor Spencer, Wilfred suggests anal raping him (“Have you done this with another dog?” “Every Goddamn day.”). Ultimately, Ryan chooses to ignore the advice (he has to, otherwise there’d be nothing to watch), choosing instead to lie and avoid a problem with Spencer. This leads to a short, but awkward friendship between the two that Ryan wants no part of, but is too scared to stop it. When it seems like there’s no getting rid of the insufferable Spencer, Ryan finally finds courage and tells him off. Cue punch to the face.

This was one funny episode. The raunchier and crazier the jokes get, the more I seem to laugh. The bit with the laser pointer was by far the best gag (“Ryan! Make it stop!”). I look forward to learning more life lessons from Wilfred next week.