Desperate Housewives ABC

Teri Hatcher’s Susan is going back to art school in Desperate Housewives’ eighth and final season, and may have bitten off more than she can chew. According to TVLine, Susan’s teacher, Andre Zeller, is a well known but “temperamental contemporary artist,” which is the obnoxious way of saying he’s a giant a-hole. He’s a very demanding teacher, you know the type; nothing you ever do will live up to their expectations because you will never be as good as they are. Oh and heaven help you if you actually are better. I had a gym teacher who was once beaten in a push up contest by one of the students. He got so mad when he lost that he made us all do laps around the gym.

The actor they have playing this hard ass teacher is Miguel Ferrer. Andre will be a recurring character while Susan attends the local college, and you can expect to see him butt heads with Susan. With any luck she’ll accidentally spill paint all over him or something equally as embarrassing. If they can’t come to some mutual understanding then perhaps Susan can use her horrid cooking skills as a weapon. Nothing too gross though. Zeller probably doesn’t deserve to be poisoned.

You can currently see Ferrer staring in the Lifetime series, The Protector, as LAPD Lieutenant Felix Valdez. Desperate Housewives returns with it’s eight and final season Sept. 25.