True Blood: A Walk in the Sunlight

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The show opens on a guard who has come to check on Marnie. She catches a vampire about to bite Marnie, or so she thinks. She’s not much of a guard; she doesn’t pull the trigger when a vampire goes super fast towards her, which only solidifies the idea that guns with silver bullets are useless. The vampire, who is under the control of Marnie, kills the guard, and Marnie walks out, leaving a message for Bill that the crazy spanish woman who made them all walk in the sunlight has returned.

Surprise! Not.

Pam is taking her revenge on Tara when a crowd of tourists show up and record her strangling the life out of Tara. Of course, she’s forced to stop strangling the girl. It’s lucky for Pam that all of the vampires are about to be zombies, because once they start doing crazy things, hopefully Bill will look the other way and not kill her like he did the last vampire caught on video. I’ve said this before, but I’m serious:  if they kill Pam off, I’m not watching this show anymore.

Jesus has a near death experience, but the ghost of his uncle comes to save him. Apparently, his grandfather went through all that trouble just to prove to Lafayette that he’s a medium and he has “the magic.” Oh, yeah, isn’t that what Jesus has been telling him from the beginning? My only question is this:  if Lafayette was that annoyed by all this magic in his life, wouldn’t he have, you know, not walked straight into good old grandpa’s house after he saw him in that drug-induced vision last season? Anyway, apparently Lafayette is able to communicate with the dead. He’s a medium. So, somehow, this is going to have to do with stopping Antonia. I just know it.

Alcide and Debbie join a new pack. Alcide is so anxious about leaving Sookie alone in the woods on a full moon that he convinces Debbie to go look for her. They walk up on Eric and Sookie doing it on the forest floor. The only problem I have with this is how does Eric not sense them behind him? I understand he’s in the middle of getting it on, but he’s got vamp senses, and if you could smell/hear two weres coming up behind you, wouldn’t you want to know what they were doing? Especially if, say, they meant harm to you or the woman you care so much about?

That vamp who is being controlled by Marnie comes and shoots Bill. I’m assuming it’s a silver bullet. Bill kills him, but not before he finds out that the witch, Antonia, has been resurrected. Surprisingly, when we see him next with Jessica, he doesn’t look like he was shot with silver at all. And is anyone else a little annoyed the writers made Bill explain the entire plot to Jessica? I mean, we’ve been watching it. We could just assume that Bill has caught her up to speed and just explain the part that has just happened.

Tara tells the girlfriend to go. Is it a shame that I care so little about this chick I don’t even know her name? She’s an idiot. Let’s be honest, how many of us would stick around with a girl who we know is going to be murdered by a vampire and that we will be murdered if we are around for it? I’m not saying she doesn’t have feelings for Tara, but no amount of love for a girlfriend I haven’t had that long would keep me around. Of course, if I were Tara, I’d run for it. Change my identity and get the heck out of dodge. Pam doesn’t even know the girlfriend, so if they kept on the run, they couldn’t probably get away with their lives for a good long time. In theory.

We get a pretty long montage of Sookie and Eric sleeping together, and then we get Eric’s explanation of the plot line, just in case we were too dumb to have caught that Eric wouldn’t be the same with his memories. Bill shows up to warn them about the witch, which is pretty good of him. I know some people are torn on whether or not Bill is a good guy, but this does solidify it. He will do whatever it takes to save all of his subjects from Antonia.

Marnie/Antonia confronts Tara and convinces her to help exact revenge against the vampires. If anyone wanted to exact revenge, it’s Tara, so, of course, she agrees. Tara starts trying to convince a bunch of witches to make a circle big enough and strong enough to bring all the vampires on earth out into the sunlight. Only problem is they look like they are just hippies, not like they can actually use magic. It probably doesn’t matter. Marnie/Antonia can probably just pull power from them regardless of whether or not they can actually use magic. You’d think Antonia would spend her time trying to find powerful witches, if this plot line was going to make more sense.

So why are the vampires silvering themselves to the beds? Wouldn’t it make sense to just silver them inside the room? You know, in a coffin wrapped in silver so they can’t get out? You wrap the coffin in silver so they can’t get out and bar the doors with silver. Silver is supposed to be debilitating. They shouldn’t be able to just move around it. I could understand Eric, who is a very old vampire, doing something like that. But Jessica? Even if she wasn’t AS silvered as Bill, she still is a very young vampire. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. What a stupid way to incorporate this idea. And why did Pam even bother with the shots just to put a silver blanket on herself? What a waste of time, pain and money, when the silver is just going to singe all her skin off. I hate that the writers seem to put less and less thought into this whole story. Wouldn’t you, as a vampire, warn your human guards NOT to look a vampire in the eye , in case they tried to glamour you, or to get too close to the cell in case a vampire reaches through? Bill’s got some of the stupidest guards on the planet.

At least we get this sweet conversation between Bill and Jessica. I like their relationship. Bill does his best to teach her that she is not a monster and that they can’t be awful to humans and not expect the humans to retaliate.

Sam calls the girlfriend and is confused when she doesn’t want to see him. He figured out that Tommy was a skinwalker pretty quick. Unbelievably quick. I would almost feel sorry for Tommy if he hadn’t been too stupid to NOT pretend to be Sam in the first place. I understand he was excited about the ability, but if you’re going to parade as someone else, at least act the way they would act, instead of making them out to be some kind of jerk that they aren’t.

Andy Bellefluer seems to be trying to get straight to date that waitress. Lafayette see the ghost that seems to be following baby Mikey around. She’s seems sweet. I want him to talk to her, find out what’s going on with her. Who is she? Is she attached to that doll, or to the baby?

The writers have given us another chance to see Alcide undressed. Debbie is all weepy because she’s afraid that Alcide is in love with Sookie. Is she weepy because she’s just upset that Alcide might leave her? Is it coming down off the drugs that’s making her cry? She asks “Why am I feeling this way” and cries in a really strange way, which makes me think crying for her is unusual. Is she pregnant? That makes any girl irrational and weepy. How cute would a little wolf baby be?

Marnie gives a big speech to get them all excited to kill the vampires. She says human spirits are immortal but vampires aren’t? Really? Because all vampires were humans once, and a lot of them were turned against their will. What happened to their spirits? I guess that doesn’t matter. They start the circle, and it apparently starts to work. It works so well that wind picks up all over town, even underground, and the vampires all try to fight the silver holding them down.

The episode ends with Jessica stepping out into the sun. Jason was rushing to save her, but he gets stopped by a guard. That’s better for him, though, because under such powerful magic, Jessica would have killed him if he tried to stop her. So, do you think the writers are going to save her in the next episode? I hope they don’t. Not because I don’t like Jessica, but because sometimes you have to kill characters off, even when you don’t want to. I think they did a good job of it, too. She had a good heart-to-heart with Bill and got to tell him that becoming a vampire had changed her life for the better. It was a good ending for her. I hope they don’t mess it up by saving her the next episode, but that’s just me.

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