True Blood “Let’s Get Out of Here” review

true blood lets get out of here review

This week’s episode started with the clip we saw in last week’s preview. Sookie is dying and won’t drink Bill’s blood. It was an extremely stupid cliffhanger, considering two scenes later we see her again and she is ABSOLUTELY fine. The rest of the episode was a lot more exciting and didn’t have anything to do with saving Sookie, so I’m confused with why last week’s preview focused ONLY on that two-second scene.

If I had started out watching this show rather than reading the books, I think I would have definitely been a Bill fan. Bill has a lot more depth in the show and Eric doesn’t seem to have any, though the writers have tried to make it seem that way by making him a pathetic vampire with amnesia. It’s the opposite in the books, and I’ve been waiting for glimpses of Eric’s Viking turned vampire character to shine through. Every once in a while, I think we are finally gonna see it, but we don’t, and, honestly, Bill’s character is a lot more interesting in the show.

I also don’t like Nan Flannagan, the head of the AVL. She’s a real snot, and I disagree with what she said about Bill as the King. He’s a very eloquent and intelligent King. He’s a good face for Vampire/Human relations, because people seem to like him and to respond to his Southern gentleman manners.

Was anyone else surprised that Debbie genuinely wanted to help Sookie? When she went to take that V on the street, I thought she was really gonna go crazy again. It was a nice surprise to see her offer to help Sookie, though a little disappointing, because Debbie does crazy well. Sookie read her mind to see if she’s serious, but I still wonder if she’s gonna turn on Sookie anyway. It’s funny that Alcide and Debbie are both doing the opposite of what they want for the love of the other. Alcide is going higher in the pack because it’s what Debbie wants him to do, and Debbie is helping Sookie because it’s what is important to Alcide.

I’m still annoyed that Hoyt’s character has changed so drastically. He seemed to be a little volatile at times, but he always seems to come back down to Earth. Like his argument with Jessica about the food, where they both end up laughing because they realize it’s a ridiculous argument. And yes, they are having problems and should separate for at least a while, but Hoyt even told Jason how much Jessica meant to him. He seemed to jump pretty quickly from that to Jessica is a monster, let’s put all her stuff in a monster box (which was hilarious, btw). This episode seems to be a big advertisement for Taylor Swift’s cd, as well. I could understand if they showed the cd once. Say Jason picks it up and is like “Really, Hoyt?” and that’s it. But we get two direct close-ups of the cd cover, and when Jason and Jessica finally do the deed, it’s a Taylor Swift song that plays in the background. That’s what I like to call overkill.

We also learn that the ghost woman who has been following Mikee around and has possessed Lafayette is named Mavis, and after a showdown and a few shots fired at Andy Bellefluer, Jesus shows up to explain to her that she has passed on and the baby she is holding is not hers. I actually got teary-eyed when she recalls losing her baby. The actor who plays Lafayette did a great job portraying a Creole woman who met such a horrible end. It was pretty gross when she sits and holds her dead baby that they dug out of the ground, but I like that the others could see what was happening, so they could realize that it wasn’t Lafayette who kidnapped the baby.

I could talk about what happened with Sam and Tommy, but I’ll be honest, I don’t really care. At least, not until I see where it’s heading. So maybe next week I’ll be more interested.

The spirit of Antonia who is controlling Marnie (is it me, or are a lot of people being possessed in this show?)  has taken all the witches hostage and heads out to kill Bill (heh heh, kill Bill), but the episode ends just as things start getting interesting. I’m more excited about next week’s episode than I have been since the episode where Sookie found Eric running down the road with his shirt off at the beginning of the season. It looks like next episode is going to be action packed. I’m going to reserve my excitement, however, just in case HBO manages to disappoint me again.

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