James Bond 23 not Wright?

Jeffrey Wright James Bond 23

James Bond might be losing his CIA contact in Bond 23 because it looks like Jeffrey Wright won’t be returning in the role of Felix Leiter.

Wright, who appeared as CIA agent Leiter in both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, might be letting Daniel Craig handle things on his own when the next Bond film, Bond 23, hits theaters. While Wright did tell ComingSoon that the character of Leiter “may be on the periphery and mentioned in the film,” he also mentioned that he hasn’t gotten a call about reprising the character. Of course, filming hasn’t started yet and the November 9, 2012 release date is still a good distance away so Wright’s phone could start ringing at any minute.

Rumor has it that Bond 23 will be based on Carte Blanche, the latest James Bond novel by Jeffery Deaver. I haven’t read that one yet so I don’t know if Felix Leiter plays a part in the storyline or not. If you’ve read Carte Blanche, drop down to the comments and let me know how things look. Does the absence of Leiter in the film strengthen the reports that Deaver’s book is being used for the plot?

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