Ready for Piper Perabo and COVERT AFFAIRS Season 2?

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The USA network has unleashed a brand new Covert Affairs Season 2 teaser and that means there will be plenty of actress Piper Perabo to go around. Yes, Perabo is back in all new episodes as secret agent Annie Walker. Take a look at what’s new for the remainder of Season 2, which returns to airwaves this coming November.

Perabo isn’t the only actor looking sharp in the rest of the season. I’m a fan of Sendhil Ramamurthy, formerly of Heroes, who definitely turns up the heat as Jai Wilcox. Of course Christopher Gorham is still the blind tech ops team member, Auggie, and Peter Gallagher returns as Aurthur Campbell. Former House series recurring actress Anne Dudek comes back, too, as Danielle.

Lies? Half lives? Betrayal? Uh-oh! Yes, the video reveals the season will definitely continue to get dangerous. Doesn’t Covert Affairs ever remind you of Alias? Are you a fan? Will you be watching this Fall?

Perabo’s acting resume also includes Coyote Ugly, 10th & Wolf, The Prestige, First Snow, voice acting for Karas: The Prophecy, a role in The Lazarus Project and in Carriers. Which do you think was her most memorable? When we get more details about Covert Affairs, you’ll have them, too.

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