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Taylor Lautner in new ABDUCTION movie clip

Taylor Lautner, Abduction, Lionsgate

If you haven’t had your coffee yet, don’t worry, Boomtron has the jolt you need, thanks to an adrenaline fueled cup of Lautner, Taylor Lautner, that is. The Twilight star’s new movie is called Abduction and it promises to be remembered right up there with pictures like Enemy of the State, The Firm and The Bourne Identity. Today we have a fantastic clip direct from the film just for you.

In the clip a no nonsense Sigourney Weaver seems to know more about the chaos that has become Lautner’s character’s life (Nathan Harper) when he discovers his parents…well, are not his real parents. I assume some mysterious bad guys are chasing him and his girlfriend, portrayed by The Blind Side and Priest actress (and soon to be Gimm Brothers: Snow White), Lily Collins. If the pair thought Sigourney would keep them safe or offer up answers, they are wrong. Give a listen as she instructs Lautner to jump from her moving SUV.

Abduction hits theaters September 23rd. As the tag line states, that’s when the fight for the truth will be the fight of Taylor Lautner’s life. Alfred Molina, Maria Bello and Jason Issacs also star in the Lionsgate action film.

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