Riddick 3 Vin Diesel

There are some people in Hollywood that are very good at keeping secrets and keeping fans in the dark about a project, no matter how much begging is involved. Then, there’s Vin Diesel, who does a great job of keeping fans in the loop with the latest news on Riddick 3, which includes this wicked looking Necro-Armor.

Once again, Vin Diesel is using the power of his Facebook page to share some Riddick 3 goodies with his loyal army of followers, although he doesn’t mention if the armor being shown as concept art will actually make it into the film. I’m hoping it does because Riddick would look even more bad-ass than usual in this intimidating battle gear.

Along with the artwork, Vin Diesel also provided a little Riddick 3 intel, stating,

“One of many Necro-armor designs… Haha, I had to share.

It takes hundreds of artists to make a movie… I am excited about the work Our “Riddick” crew of artists, are doing right now in Canada. Their contributions is what will make this film.

P.s. Riddick starts principal photography in weeks… much to do, much to do… especially since it’s “R”…


Considering his passion for sharing, I’m looking forward to the principal photography getting underway because I’m hoping Vin Diesel sends plenty of photos our way.

What do you think about the Necro-Armor?