Coldplay, X&Y, Fix You, Glee, Fox

If you like Coldplay and you love Glee, then you’re going to adore today’s headline. Let’s just say we have your “Fix” right here and now. Boomtron faithful know the Fox series Glee is in Season 3 and tonight the all new episode titled “Asian F” will finally be unveiled. You have got to watch this one, as we have said before.

“Asian F” is directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and at least one thread centers on Mike Chang and some recent bad grades. His parents will appear in the episode, and speaking of family, Emma Pillsbury’s ‘rents will be on screen as well.

We also have a clue as to what sort of music you can expect tonight. The episode is called “Asian F” and “Fix You” is the Coldplay song you can plan to hear. It comes from the album X&Y. That’s a lot of letters. No wonder my brain keeps flashing back to the Sesame Street parody! You can get a better idea from the preview video below. So, are you as stoked as everyone else? Shall I ready the popcorn and slushie? Its too bad front man Chris Martin’s wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, couldn’t also be in this episode, eh?

Speaking of great episodes, what has been your favorite Glee episode of all time? Sing out below!