Supernatural CW

Friday is almost upon us, which means a brand new episode of Supernatural featuring the men of all men, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The episode airing this week is called “Defending Your Life” and it continues the series’ turn down an extremely darker path as of late. Dean finds himself put on trial by the Egyptian god Osiris. It’s no secret that Dean’s been feeling a little less than stellar this season, with all his guilt from his past mistakes piling up. Along with the teasers themselves make sure you check out our large promo gallery of pics for an upcoming Buffy reunion on Supernatural featuring Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters!

Below are two teasers for the episode. The first one gives us a sense of where Dean is at mentally as the episode begins. He’s carrying his guilt around with him, implying he and Sam deserve death for the things they’ve done. He then says he’s going to check out a bar, whether it’s for work or beer he won’t say.

The second teaser give us a sneak peek at the special guest star this week; Alona Tal. Tal is returning as the deceased Jo Harvelle, who died to prevent the apocalypse in Season 5. She will act as a witness during Dean’s trial. The whole plot seems pretty bleak while at the same time I’m sure there will still be room for laughs. Sam will act as Dean’s lawyer, which easily could turn into a hilarious situation. Regardless of how many jokes they manage to put in, emotionally this will be very serious and I expect to shed a few tears for Dean.