Covert Affairs USA

That kind folks at the USA Network sent out a handful of clips for “The Wake-Up Bomb”, the 11th episode in Covert Affairs second season. Aside from one clip, series star Piper Perabo has a heavy presence doing all kinds of things like running, flirting, and all that good CIA stuff. The first video is the longest and has the most meat to it. It starts with Perabo’s Annie giving Danielle a call and attempting to give some answers about what she does for a living. Annie is working in Venice, meeting a dude for a drop. Suddenly the dude gets shot and everyone is running and it’s chaos everywhere. Very exhilarating.

The second video just has Annie having a conversation with Auggie (Christopher Gorham). Nothing really too see there. There’s a crack about Auggie being blind, but moving on. The third video is just Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy) looking for a little intel on an investigation, but he gets shut down. Not being the kind of guy to give up, he points out he knows things, important things. I’m probably underselling how intense it is to hear Jai explain how valuable he is.

The final clip brings Annie back front and center, this time with a cute boy played by Santiago Cabrera. Fun fact: Cabrera and Ramamurthy both starred in the NBC series Heroes way back in the day. But Cabrera is more interested in hitting on Annie, and she is totally crushing on his shmexy accent.

Covert Affairs returns Tuesday, November 1st.