Merle Dixon, Michael Rooker, AMC, Walking Dead

If there was one Walking Dead character interesting and intense enough to carry an entire episode on his own, who would it be? Hey, I gave you a hint by saying it was a guy. Give up? Well, to be fair, this is sort of a trick question. The hit series does have plans for a riveting new episode following a character all on his lonesome, but this guy, you probably think he’s been dead for a while. Spoiler Alert: He’s not!

We are talking about Merle Dixon as acted by Michael Rooker. The last time you saw him in the AMC series, he was having to cut his own hand off to escape some frustrating hand cuffs. Now, according to the TV Line zombie-licious exclusive, the season one character is returning, possibly on November 13th for an all new episode entirely dedicated to him.

“It’s pretty much all Daryl on his own, in a hard-core man-versus-world psychological [quest] with inner turmoil and hints of ‘Deliverance,'” said Norman Reedus, who fans know as Merle’s brother, Daryl. Not only will viewers learn quite a bit about Merle’s past history, but we will really discover “where his loyalties lie.” You heard it here! Sound like a great episode or what?