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Not only is Sam Evans returning to Glee later this season, but with his arrival comes the first appearance of his dear old dad. Sam’s actor, Chord Overstreet, initially rejected the offer to return for Glee’s third season as a recurring character, but later changed his mind. As such, his character was written to have moved out of state due to his father finding a new job. His return suggested another job change for Mr. Evans and his appearance on the show seems to confirm it.

TVLine reported former Smallville actor John Schneider was cast to play Sam’s father. The casting reunites Schneider with Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy. The two worked together on Murphy’s Nip/Tuck on FX way back in the day (2009), where he played legendary porn entrepreneur, Ram Peters. At this time, Schneider is only booked for one episode in Glee’s third season. He and Sam both appear in Episode 8, and I’m assuming they will have scenes together. If the character turns out well, it will be highly likely we’ll see him show up a few more times.

Now that Sam is back, how excited are the Gleeks out in the world? I wouldn’t immediately think anyone would be unhappy about his return, but it would make sense that a few fans don’t like him. I’m interested in hearing why or why not having Sam back is a good thing. If you have an opinion and wish to share it, feel free to leave it in the comments below.