Hot Chelle Rae talks Demi Lovato and WHATEVER

Hot Chelle Rae, Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been in the news since her debut of third studio album, “Unbroken” and the handful of collaborations featured in her new tracks. So, who knew the artist was also collaborating on the albums of other popular groups!? Lovato has been a busy little bee, and Hot Chelle Rae can not only prove it, but they also say they’re impressed!

So, who is Hot Chelle Rae? I wasn’t familiar with the group, myself. The pop rock band hails from Nashville, Tennessee. They’ve got a 2011 double platinum single, “Tonight Tonight” under their belt. And get this. Band members are Ryan Follese on lead vocals and rhythm guitar Jamie Follese on drums, and Ian Keaggy on bass and backup vocals. Lastly, Nash Overstreet is on lead guitar and backing vocals, too. Nash’s brother is Glee hottie Chord Overstreet! The music is very upbeat and modern, with sweet and youthful vocals.

Chelle Rae’s newest album, “Whatever”, debuts November 29th and it comes with something extra. That is, you’ll hear Demi Lovato on a track titled “Why Don’t You Love Me.” Aww. Can’t wait to hear it!

The group’s lead singer, Ryan Keith Follese, told MTV, he was super proud to have the “powerhouse female vocalist” on his band’s album. He also called the song a “classic” duet and love ballad. Nice!

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