Hugh Laurie, House

Dear Hugh: Say it ain’t so! The headline this week for fans of Dr. Greg House and his Fox series, is that actor Hugh Laurie will be finished with television as soon as his popular medical drama, House, comes to an end.

Admit it. You love how rough around the edges House, M.D. is. You find his abrasive bedside manner to be just what the doctor ordered. If that’s true, you wouldn’t be alone in your sentiment. Over the course of 8 Seasons Hugh Laurie has won 2 Golden Globes for his role. But when the role ends, what comes next?

In a recent Daily Record interview, the beloved 52-year-old actor was candid about his career. In short, he said he does plan to quit television acting when House is over.

Hugh Laurie reported feeling delightfully “spoiled” by the American show. He admitted there probably wouldn’t be another TV opportunity like the one he’s enjoying now. Laurie’s TV acting career reportedly spans three decades. But we have also enjoyed him in films like The Borrowers, Sense And Sensibility and Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. I think his Sense and Sensibility role is so enchanting because his character is gloomy, like House is.

Though an end for Laurie’s television acting days may be within sight, don’t count him out of the public eye altogether. The noted blues musician has released a debut album called, “Let Them Talk”. ┬áHe says he would “jump” at the chance to do a second album, too.