J.K. Rowling Almost Left Emma Watson Alone

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Spoiler Alert: Many, many of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter characters die in the films inspired by her novels. In fact, I daresay more characters die in the books than we actually watch die in the movies. That’s really not much of a spoiler unless you are like me and you actually watched all the films first and are now tackling the reading of all the books for the very first time. But color us all surprised at this week’s J.K. Rowling headline! Was Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger very nearly left a single lass?

Yes, that’s true! The beloved author has unleashed new news that she “seriously” considered killing Ronald Weasley “out of sheer spite” as she was writing the famous series! It may not come as too much of a surprise. Dumbledore dies, though I watched eagerly, expecting him to return from the grave somehow. My three most favorite characters all die. Those are Snape, Sirius Black, and Dobby. Apparently I’m not alone in calling that trio my favs, either! But why murder Ron Ron?

According to the details from The Guardian UK, Rowling stated that though she initially promised herself “that none of them would die,” it was at about “midway through” in “a reflection of the fact that I wasn’t in a very happy place, I started thinking I might polish one of them off. Out of sheer spite.” In the end, she knew in her “absolute heart of heart of hearts, although I did seriously consider killing Ron, [I wouldn’t have done it].” In fact, she told actor Daniel Radcliffe, that very thing because he was “convinced one of the main three had to buy it”.

Poor Hermione! I’m so glad the author left Miss Granger her soul-mate. Theirs is my favorite romance from the series. What are your thoughts?

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