Oh, Lola! Dakota Fanning Too Sexy for UK

Dakota Fanning Oh Lola Perfume

Dakota Fanning might portray vampire baddie Jane in the Twilight saga but an advertising watchdog fears she doesn’t look grown-up enough in a recently banned magazine ad for Oh Lola! perfume.

The ad, created by fashion designer Marc Jacobs, came under fire by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority because it was determined that the perfume promo is offensive because it could sexualize a child, according to BBC News.

While Fanning is 17-years-old, the ASA says she appears younger in the photo and that the length of the dress, her leg, and the position of the perfume bottle draw attention to her sexuality. The group also stated they had received four complaints over the material so the perfume ad “must not appear again.”

Perfume maker Coty UK says the ad has appeared in “highly stylized” fashion magazines and that they have received no complaints.

Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is, but I don’t have kids so the ramifications and worries aren’t as severe for me. However, I do have to say it looks like the photo was taken back in the 70’s with a Polaroid camera so I’m not sure about what kind of game Marc Jacobs is playing. Fashion photography can cost a pretty penny but a penny is all I’d pay for a photo like that. I think Oh Lola! Got ripped off. I also think the crew behind the promo knew exactly what they were doing when they put that big bottle between Fanning’s legs. Come on, guys. You got the look you were aiming for so don’t duck your heads in shame now that you got your hands slapped over it.

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