Robert Pattinson’s Place in post-Breaking Dawn COSMOPOLIS

Cosmopolis, David Cronenberg, Robert Pattinson

From spending eternity with the love of your life to riding around town while worrying about your fortune going away? It’s a definite change as Robert Pattinson goes from the Twilight Saga to Cosmopolis but director David Cronenberg believes RPattz is the right guy for the job.

In Cosmopolis, Pattinson play Eric Packer, a wealthy guy being driven around town as his fortune rides on the fate of the Japanese yen. In addition to possibly being broke before the sun comes up in the morning, he also has to deal with a stalker, his wife, and his girlfriend. Oh yeah, he also wants to get a haircut at the barber shop his dad always used.

Who do you get to play a guy like that? According to Cronenberg, although Pattinson was one among many that was considered for the role, it was the Twilight star that proved to be the right choice. “Ultimately, I felt he was the guy. Once again, intuition,” Cronenberg tells MTV. “I saw his movies, including ones maybe his Twi-Hard fans don’t know about, like ‘Little Ashes.’ Maybe they saw ‘Remember Me,’ I’m not sure.”

While I think the plot for Cosmopolis is a little weird (read lame), there’s no doubt that Pattinson’s fans will probably love it because Cronenberg reveals that he’s in every scene and almost every shot. That’s a whole lot of RPattz.

Cosmopolis will be arriving in theaters in 2012.

Check the clip below to get some in-depth intel from Cronenberg on what it takes to get a specific actor for a specific role.

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