Selena Gomez and the Scene, Hit the Lights

Today is the day! Selena Gomez and The Scene fans have been given plenty of glimpses at her brand new video for “Hit the Lights”. The full music video was released today, and to celebrate, we have it and two  sneak peeks just for the effect!

The first clip features Selena Gomez dancing in the dark in a flirty little dress. Is she hiding? Is she running away? People with flashlights are in hot pursuit. In the second clip of the day, Selena mixes things up by playing around in a field of dreams. Do find the location romantic? The cinematography ain’t bad. Skip both if you just want to see the (first one below) full video!

“Hit the Lights” comes from the Selena Gomez and The Scene album titled “When the Sun Goes Down”. We do see glimpses of sundown in the video. The last teaser Boomtron delivered was full of sparklers smoking up a night sky. Are you a fan of “When the Sun Goes Down”? What is your favorite track so far? Is it “Who Says”, which was released in March, or “Love You Like a Love Song”, which hit us back in June?

Gomez keeps coming up in media news. She may just have a shot and co-starring in a crazy caper film called Springbreakers, opposite James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Roberts, though Franco is the only actor who has signed the dotted line so far. We also have heard she is circling Hot Mess, another movie, this one written by Jenni Ross. Sounding a bit like a chick flick, Hot Mess is about a group of gals, each trying to snag the man of their dreams.