Django Unchained Quentin Tarantino

A few more people are getting ready to saddle up for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained as three new additions are added to the seemingly ever-growing roster of big names.

James Remar (Dexter), Tom Wopat (Jonah Hex), James Russo (Public Enemies) and Todd Allen (Friday Night Lights) are the latest people added to Tarantino’s homage to the spaghetti western that has former slave Django (Jamie Foxx) teaming up with a German bounty hunter (Christoph Walz) to rescue his wife from a cruel plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio).

According to Variety, Remar and Russo will play brothers Ace and Dicky Speck, two slave traders that buy Django at a slave auction. Wopat (remember Dukes of Hazzard?) is set to portray Marshall Gill Tatum, and Allen snags the role with the best name as plantation overseer Dollar Bill.

You can bet more casting news will be on the way soon as Sacha Baron Cohen and even Joseph Gordon-Levitt are being considered to join the all-star affair.

Django Unchained also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, M.C. Gainey, Dennis Christopher, Gerald McRaney. The movie will be riding into theaters on December 25, 2012, and it will probably kick some major butt at the box office because the storyline is unique and the acting should be totally top-shelf material.